A few weeks ago I was working on another VM on the same host. It wasn’t anything serious and I was just messing around seeing what I could do with it. If I got to a point where I messed up so badly, no big deal I just click the reinstall OS button and I have a fresh copy to play around with.

I was at that point again after trying to create a VPN in Ubuntu and messed up so badly I couldn’t even log in anymore. Unfortunately I click the reinstall OS button on my live site and soon my website, some programs which run on the same server, the weather log, and everything else was gone. Worst part is I had no recent backup. In fact, I don’t think I have a backup at all. I searched for the database file on all of my drives but cannot find it. Some of the programs I wrote I did have and I am running those locally.

So for now I will have to start over. I hope I can find cached versions and maybe recreate some of the pages I had made. I also have some new projects I will be posting here as well.