Update 3: How the @madebygoogle Google Pixel 3 is making me switch to iPhone

I still haven’t used the phone, but I checked on the phone to see if it is still working and I saw there was a system update available. I connected it to power to let it charge up for a bit so it could do the update and once it was about 50% charged I ran the update.

The update was small, less than 5MB in size, but it took forever to complete. The actual installation of the update didn’t take that long but it took hours to complete the optimizing apps process. I still haven’t put any apps on this phone so whatever apps it was optimizing are the apps which come with the phone.

It started optimizing apps at 10:02 a.m. and I checked on it from over the course of an hour while I watched a program on TV, but it still hadn’t completed. I ran to do some errands and when I came back in the afternoon it was still Optimizing apps at 4:16 p.m. I thought that maybe it had finished, but the screen was stuck so I rebooted the phone and it came right back to the optimizing apps screen. I let it go for a couple more minutes and at 4:20 p.m. I gave up and just let the phone sit there.

I checked back on the phone the next morning and at some point it had finished optimizing the apps since the screen had cleared. I just can’t believe how long that process took for the default apps and for an update which is less than 5MB in size. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken to optimize all the apps I would have had on the phone if I had been using it to begin with.

This will probably be the last update unless something catastrophic happens to the phone. I am going to let the charge deplete to around 20% and then factory reset it, turn it off, and put it back in the box.

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