Update 2: How the @madebygoogle Google Pixel 3 is making me switch to iPhone

I waited to post this update because I wanted to see if the phone was just acting weird because of updates or if it is just not performing well as I’ve come to expect from the Google Pixel 3.

The day I got the phone back, I turned it on and didn’t even run through a full setup. I didn’t enter any account information, download any apps, or even put in my SIM card. I just connected it to WiFi and got to the main screen after setup. Right away I was greeted with the notification that a system update was available to update to Android 10. I let it install this update which took an incredibly long time. I started it around 4:30 p.m. and it didn’t finish until almost 7:00 p.m.

When it came back up it did the normal optimizing applications and it was updating five applications from the Google Play store. I let it continue updating the apps. I checked on it about an hour and it was still updating the applications. The next day it was still updating the applications. I figured something has gone wrong so I did a factory reset on the phone and started all over. Just like before, I skipped most of the setup and got to the main screen. It wanted to update the applications again. Just like before it seemed to get stuck trying to update the applications. These are the built in Google Applications it is trying to update.

So I’ve let the phone to sit this entire time seeing if the applications will ever update. Occasionally I’m greeted by the message that the Google Play Store has stopped responding. It tries again and after a couple of days that message will come back.

Needless to say, I still haven’t gone back and finished setting up my Google Pixel 3 and I am still using the loaner iPhone 6.

I will note that I did receive the accessories today. For now I will be leaving them in the box in case I end up selling the phone.

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