Update: How the @madebygoogle Google Pixel 3 is making me switch to iPhone

I missed this email, but my device was shipped out.

That email was received on Sunday, October 6 at 5:40 a.m. and I am not sure why I didn’t see it until today. Although my previous post was already a draft before that email was received. None the less the phone was received today. It arrived without any physical damage which is a good sign because I have had phones come back in bubble mailers in poor condition before from other places.

The only issue is I didn’t get my accessories back. When I sent the phone back, I read through the instructions a few times and wasn’t quite sure what was expected back. It has these sections if I am returning a Google Nest product, Google Nest Hub product, and so on and what to return. I ended up returning everything back with the phone since I still had the original box and original accessories. I guess in hindsight that was a bad idea because today I only received the phone. However, I just got off the phone with Google and an order has been placed to replace all the original accessories.

For now though I have to decide if I want to try using the phone again or continue using the iPhone 6. I did turn it on and run through the OS update. There are a couple of things in the about section I do want to check, but I haven’t put any of my accounts or apps back on yet. I kind of have a plan in mind to be able to get an iPhone 8, iPhone X, or iPhone 11 while continue to pay off the Google Pixel 3. I have an iPad Pro that only has a couple hundred left until it is paid off. Plus I usually get some money around the holidays I can use towards a new device. I just have to wait a couple of months. So if I can continue to use the iPhone 6 and not touch the Pixel 3, I might be able to resell it at a higher value as a manufacturer refurbished device instead of used.

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