Keeping a local and cloud file in sync

At home I track all my account transactions in a spreadsheet. When I went on vacation, I had to keep all the receipts to make sure they were entered into the spreadsheet when I returned home. That got me wondering if there’s a way to have access to the file while I am away from home. I started to think about the requirements and how I would update the file while I was away and make sure it synched up with the file at home.

I could have just kept the file on my account and accessed it from there. But that would pose challenges with locks placed on the file that may not be cleared. So I decided to have two copies of the file; one is stored on my NAS at home and the other is on To make sure these files are kept in synch, I created a bash script that is run every 15 minutes by cron. This will check the files to see if there have been any changes, and if so it determines which one is older and overwrites the older one with the newer one. Also I have it send me an email when one of the files are overwritten.

You can view the complete bash script here or download the text file.

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How I mounted on Linux

Some of you may remember when was giving away 50GB of storage if you downloaded their app to your iOS or Android device. I was one who took advantage of this promotion. Once I got it though, I never really figured out what I would use it for. I did upload a few documents, gave people access to a couple of folders, but that was about it. I started to wish there was a way to access this storage as if it was a network drive instead of through their web interface. This is the method that I ended up using to mount on my Linux machine. Read more