Monthly Archives: August 2014

My IP address changed again and I am in Florida

The worst time for an IP address change to happen at home is while you are traveling. That is exactly what happened to me. I am in Florida for a week and I noticed I couldn’t connect to my websites, my email, or PBX system. I knew my server was up and it was communicating with the outside because I saw my APRS script check-ins posting to Twitter. So I called Time Warner Cable and explained the situation and the technical support representative was able to provide me my external IP address. First I updated all my domains to the new IP address and verified the phone system was back online. Then I started to think about this little problem. It is not the first time I have encountered this issue. When it does happen, it is usually while I am traveling. Read more

My overly complicated backup script

Every night, my server fires off a backup. This script does a backup of my web server directory, MySQL databases, my check book, and a directory that’s shared over the network to upload to the cloud.

The main backup is called by In that script, there are a few commands to bring down Apache and cron. Then it continues on and calls a few more backup scripts.

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